By - Scott Aadal

Nassau County Backs Down, Delays Implementing Recording Rate Increase

A little more than two weeks ago, Nassau County implemented an astronomical increase in the fees they charge for recording documents that are submitted into the land records. Not only was the increase HUGE, but they only gave the general public, title insurance companies included, 48 hours notice. This sudden increase in fees caused significant problems and complications for many consumers who were purchasing or refinancing properties in Nassau County.

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However, we are pleased to inform you that the governing body in Nassau County has apparently realized the error of their original implementation plan. Yesterday, Monday December 21, 2015 there was a meeting of the Nassau County Legislators. One on the items on their agenda was the implementation of the increase on recording fees and the increase on Tax Map Verification Letters, both of which went into effect on Monday December 7th. The main area of concern was not the size of the increase, but the 48 hour notice that was given before it became effective.

The legislators voted unanimously to delay the implementation of the increase until Monday January 4, 2016. At the same time, they voted to approve the refund of the extra monies collected prior to January 4, 2016. There was no discussion on how or when those refunds would be issued.

For individuals who have purchased or refinanced their homes in the past month, this deferment comes as a huge relief. We anticipate that with adequate notice, the January fee increase will go much more smoothly.